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Free Form Pools


As you go through your options for a new swimming pool, you’ll need to choose a shape for it. Custom Pool Pros NJ offers free form pools NJ, which provide several benefits over more traditional pool shapes. Learn more about how free form pools can enhance the appearance of your NJ property compared to a more traditional pool shape.

Free forms pools give you a fresh place to start in terms of design. You can have your pool shaped in nearly any way you want. These pools usually have a lot of curves or rounded edges rather than sharper or straighter edges as traditional pools do. This gives free form pools a relaxing, casual look that also adds a touch of elegance to any yard. Our experts will assist you in designing the shape of your free form pool.

Free form pools are also beneficial in terms of how they affect the surrounding landscaping. You can design a pool that fits with your current landscaping, so you don’t have to change much. You can also wait to do landscaping until after your free form pool is installed. That lets you base your landscaping options on the way your pool looks.

If you’ve decided on a free form pool for your home, please contact Custom Pool Pros NJ. We offer high-quality free form pool services NJ, including design, construction and installation. Our team of pool experts at our family-owned business can help you create the ideal design for your free form pool based on the amount of space you have and your current landscaping. If you need other work done on your yard, such as a new patio or a renovated patio, give us a call. We also provide patio services, landscaping and more.