pool restoration

Are you feeling disappointed because your pool is too old? Your pool may be unappealing but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be made appealing at all. We have plenty of restoration techniques which will take your pool back to its beauty and style that it had at the time of installation. Swimming pools are definitely an asset to your home. At the same time the style and look of a swimming pool decides whether it is an asset or a bane. Pool restoration can be done on your own but it is always better to take the advice of an expert to get the best out of your pool.
The basic pool restoration process involves pumping out and disposing the water out of the pool. Then the pool is cleaned and made ready for restoration. The pool shell can be painted to remove any deteriorated area of the pool. This also means removing all cracks and breaks.  A smooth surface will make your pool restoration process much quicker and easier. Then you can apply a neat coat of plaster on your pool’s interior surface. Depending on the environment of your backyard you can choose a concrete or stone decking for your pool’s renewal. This basic process is followed by further redressing and styling of the shape and the landscape surrounding the pool to make it look brand new and attractive.
We at Custom pool Pros assure a quick restoration process than any other pool builder in NJ. The pools restored by our professionals will have longer durability and quality.  If you’re planning for pool restorations feel free to contact Custom pools for best quality service.